“Live less out of habit and more out of intent.”

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Low waste gift guide

Go green this holiday season with zero waste inspired gifts that are sure to please everyone on your nice (or naughty) list! It is indeed that time of year again; peace on Earth, good will toward men, tacky blow up lawn ornaments (that you know you secretly love). I adore the holiday season, but it …

Clean Green: bathroom edition.

With covid19 continuing to conquer our country, news outlets, and minds, I find that it’s been a little trickier lately to stay away from single use plastics; I’ve had trouble with businesses accepting my reusable coffee cup, I’ve been jumping through extra hoops to continue to safely bulk shop, it’s been hard to shop for …

20 swaps to love.

We are almost through Plastic Free July, so I’m sharing some of my favorite, more sustainable alternatives to everyday items. If you’re looking to start a low-waste journey of your own and switch to more eco-friendly products, here are 20 swaps my own family has incorporated into our lives: Great things are done by a …

Bulk shopping 101

Alright, friends. Get your mason jars ready. Like many things in life, the first time we try something new can be awkward, or even a little uncomfortable. We all know that feeling of not wanting to seem unprepared, or not wanting to appear ignorant, or even just not wanting to change our routine. And if …

What slow living is NOT.

You’re busy. You have a life. But slow is for you, despite how it sounds on the surface. Sometime it is easier to find understanding in something when we can see what that thing is not. Slow living is NOT: Doing everything slowly. It’s about doing things at the proper pace; the pace that feels …

The ethical closet.

If sustainability is something you’re interested in, fashion can be a tricky subject… I never want to feel like I’m encroaching on anyone’s freedom to express themselves through their wardrobe; in fact I encourage it! But I also feel compelled to share some of the things I’ve learned about filling my own closet with more …


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Hey, I’m Shaylyn.

I adore the calm, simplicity of nature, but also savor the chaotic pageantry of a Broadway show. ā€‹Iā€™m an outdoor-loving, barefoot-walking, beach girl who married an adventure-seeking, book-loving mountain man. We have a wild little girl who is always teaching us new things, while filling our home with laughter and memories. Our lives have assuredly had their fair share of instability and uncertainty, but over the past several months we’ve been reorienting towards goals aligned with slow living and zero-waste.

I warmly invite you to slow down, enjoy a hot cup of tea, and never shy away from deep conversations and meaningful connections. I truly believe in leaving the world better off, and its inhabitants better loved.


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