“Live less out of habit and more out of intent.”

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Baby step: the Trash Audit.

Slow living and sustainability go hand-in-hand simply because of the fact that when we bring awareness to how we live and the actions we take, we start to care about their effects and strive to do better with joy. So your first teeny tiny waste-reduction baby step is awareness. Pay attention to what you throw …

Sustainability, incarnate.

When I hear the word sustainability, I get two very distinctive mental pictures… The first is a warm, sunny Saturday morning, where as the dew on the lush grass begins to disappear, a thin, attractive woman rides by on her bicycle, in linen shorts with a big floppy hat and a basket full of fresh …

Hello, slow.

Slow living:exploring the world, and your own reaction to it, at your own speed. Slow living:doing things at the proper speed, with intention. Like you, dear reader, I have recently found myself in the unusual predicament of having a moment…Having a moment to myself, having a moment of uncertainty, having a moment of panic, and …

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Hey, I’m Shaylyn.

I adore the calm, simplicity of nature, but also savor the chaotic pageantry of a Broadway show. ​I’m an outdoor-loving, barefoot-walking, beach girl who married an adventure-seeking, book-loving mountain man. We have a wild little girl who is always teaching us new things, while filling our home with laughter and memories. Our lives have assuredly had their fair share of instability and uncertainty, but over the past several months we’ve been reorienting towards goals aligned with slow living and zero-waste.

I warmly invite you to slow down, enjoy a hot cup of tea, and never shy away from deep conversations and meaningful connections. I truly believe in leaving the world better off, and its inhabitants better loved.


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