Hello, slow.

Slow living:
exploring the world, and your own reaction to it, at your own speed.

Slow living:
doing things at the proper speed, with intention.

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Like you, dear reader, I have recently found myself in the unusual predicament of having a moment…
Having a moment to myself, having a moment of uncertainty, having a moment of panic, and having a moment of clarity. For the past many months, my household has been making some changes — incremental adjustments, really — that I’ve found to help me live with love and generosity towards Earth and the people who inhabit her. Given the world’s current events, it’s been on my heart to share this journey, and to hopefully inspire you as well.

Our consumerism culture hurls us into a life in the fast lane; we must have the latest gadget, we must be the most productive, we must get ahead of the others — all for the illusion that these things will prove our worth. I’m less-than-sorry to say that they won’t… but you already know that.

Now, take a deep breath, unclench your jaw, and relax your shoulders.

Enter slow living.

Enjoy life by ditching the quick convenience-driven products, the packed schedules, the competition, and the pressure of what society tells us makes for a perfect life. Notice the beauty around you, both serene and chaotic. And notice how you feel about it. Take the time to find what’s important to you, what makes your heart sing, and how you can use your passion to serve others.

The things that make us happiest, that make us truly feel whole, are not things. 

Embracing a slow lifestyle doesn’t mean instant “zen.” In fact, it’s been nothing short of  uncomfortable at times. Taking the time to slow down has forced me to face some harsh realities, examine my own bad habits and behaviors, and critically evaluate my priorities and my current circumstances.

Are my actions leading me towards the life I want to live? Is my schedule serving a purpose that serves my priorities? Am I feeling burnt out for the illusion of productivity? Am I living in a way that reflects my values? What are my values, exactly?

  • family that communicates, learns, and loves together
  • a relationship with Jesus
  • environmental responsibility 
  • creativity that adds value to my community and serves others
  • healthy habits, physical and mental

We are definitely talking “quarter-life crisis,” or if you’re reading this in Spring of 2020, “quarantine-life crisis.” And, let me be clear, my family is incredibly privileged to be asking these kinds of questions during this time, as opposed to many who are asking if they’ll still have a job, if their bills will get paid, where their next meal may come from, or if they will get better. We are so lucky. I’m more able to experience and express this gratitude because of what I’ve found from noticing, being intentional, and leaning into slow. And I hope you’ll lean in, too, dear reader.


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5 Replies to “Hello, slow.”

  1. Love this post. It *reminded* me of this:

    “Think of something useless, and that’s probably what I’ll be doing. Listen, Virginia, we need to love the useless. We need to raise pigeons without a thought of eating them, plant rose bushes without expecting to pick roses, write without aiming at publication. We need to do things without expecting benefits in return. The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but it’s in the curving paths that the best things are found. . . . We must love the useless, because there is beauty in uselessness.”

    ― Lygia Fagundes Telles, Ciranda de Pedra


  2. I love this so much. 🌱💚🌿 Living in purpose on purpose. It can be simple. Not easy, but simple. Thanks for the reminder beautiful soul.


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