Hello, September: 30 days of living simply

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It’s officially September. Autumn has started to peak through golden tipped trees, and the feelings of renewal and rest hover around us in the form of a crisp, cool breeze. Our days become shorter as our hearts prepare room for gratitude, creativity, and change. Fall has always identified itself as a cozy time, but the daily ware of our hectic lives doesn’t just drop like the rust colored leaves and acorns. We still have commitments, new school routines will soon form, and our to do lists mock the promises of lazy days curled up on the couch. But balance can be regained during transitions by finding opportunities to slow down and carry out intentional actions that bring us closer to who we are meant to be, closer to the ones we love, and closer to a well-lived life.

I’m looking at September through the lens of someone who has already been through a season of transition; we just moved a bajillion miles farther from family to beautiful Alaska, my husband has started a new job, and our daughter is beginning to make new friends and will soon begin preschool (eek!). So the nudge of change that accompanies Fall makes me long to create a comfortable, loving home, curate understanding friendships in this new place, and a reap a metaphorical but bountiful harvest in the days to come. I’m craving community, creativity, renewal, adventure, peace, and rhythm.
Take a few minutes now to consider the things your soul is craving as Autumn approaches. Reflect on ways you can make this time more enjoyable, encourage self-discovery, embrace connection, and find joy is a slow, simple life. (Write it down even, I’ll wait!)

This month, I encourage you to join me in fostering some slow living principles into your daily life. I’ve created a 30 day journey that’s perfect for the month of September. Each daily task is designed to encourage slowing down and living simply through uncomplicated acts of self-love, care, community, and discovery. So grab your friends (and maybe even a pumpkin spice latte) and get ready for an autumn of intention.

Get the mobile version here.
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If you think this is something a friend or family member would love, please let them know about the 30 Day Journey by sharing this post. And if you feel so inclined, post, tag, and share your journey on instagram; I love seeing beautiful humans enjoying the benefits that slow living can bring! #30DaysOfLivingSimply
**If you’re reading this post later on, know that you can do this challenge any time! The principles this journey embodies are beneficial at any time of year, in any stage of life. Let me know, and I’ll be cheering you on whenever!

I pray that this season is the one you mimic — let go of the dead weight in your life and incorporate new ways to find intention, simplicity, and peace.


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